Current Planned Renewable Energy Projects Totals
4,354 KW DC 4,681 MWh annually 2,035 households per year 83,314 trees/year (carbon offset)
About Prusice PS Energetyka Odnawialna
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Prusice PS Energetyka Odnawialna Sp. z o.o. (Prusice PS) is an RES partnership program operating as a special purpose vehicle of the Municipality of Prusice and Polski Solar Holding Sp. z o.o.. Prusice PS is a platform for the development of renewable energy in Prusice. The company focuses its activities on regional RES development and implementation in the Municipality of Prusice.
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7 planned solar PV rooftop installations on municipal buildings and 200 prosumer rooftop installations will produce a total installed capacity of 1,363 KW. These installations will together generate about 1,465 MWh per year, meet the energy needs of 637 households per year* and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the community by the equivalent of 26,081 trees annually.


The planned construction of 2 groundmount solar PV plants with a total capacity of 2.99 MW DC, to be built on currently unused land, will serve the community by providing energy to 1,398 households per year* from a renewable source, reduce the carbon footprint of the municipality by the equivalent of 57,233 trees annually and provide local employment opportunities for the people of Prusice.

About Gmina Prusice

Gmina Prusice is an urban-rural gmina in Trzebnica County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Its seat is the town of Prusice, which lies approximately 11 kilometres (7 mi) north-west of Trzebnica, and 28 kilometres (17 mi) north of the regional capital Wroclaw.

The gmina covers an area of 158.02 square kilometres (61.0 sq mi), and as of 2013 its total population is 9,345.

* "Energy Consumption in Households in 2009", Poland Ministry of Economy, Energy Department, 2012.